Our specialists perform detailed diagnostics of objects with the subsequent development of design solutions. Develop 3D visualization and make design and estimate documentation. Our specialists have a great experience in working with modern heat-insulating and refractory materials. Also, our staff of specialists constantly being trained, attend seminars and exhibitions for the continuous development of skills and knowledge.
Our company has modern technologies for the production of refractory materials and refractory work as well as develope new projects and upgrade existing facilities.
Our sales and logistics department offers customers competitive prices, minimal delivery times and optimizes delivery costs.
The production department performs works on lining and thermal insulation of industrial equipment (pipe, steam, product pipelines, boilers, furnaces, turbines, gas ducts, tanks, etc.), including the method of industrial mountaineering (thermal insulation of industrial equipment, installation / dismantling of various structures, inspection of objects, etc.). The company has all the necessary tools and equipment, personal protective equipment, as well as permits. We should also mention that we are doing turnkey «work » and have the warranty on the work performed.
High-quality provision of services is possible due to the coordinated work of all departments of the company (technical, manufacturing, accounting, sales and logistics). So, working with our company you get qualified maintenance, modern efficient materials, high-quality work and competitive cost. This is confirmed by the ever-increasing number of customers and numerous positive feedbacks.
Energy audit
We are analyzing the energy consumption of industrial facilities based on measurements taken and data collected by an enterprise licensed to conduct energy audits.